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Junior College - Class of 2023-2024

PlayerTeamPositionLevelJuco ClassificationEvalHeightCommittedOffensive tagsDefensive tagsPhysical tags
Mcghee, JaboriSouth Plains JC2 / 11-/1SophomoreHe can hoop! TR from Garden City JC. Committed to UAB in the fall of 2023.6'02-3 Point Shooter, 3-Level ScorerHelp-Defender, On-Ball Defender, Stays in FrontGood Feet, Versatile
Barnett, JamilleRichland JC22/2+RS SophomoreTR from Eastfield. He's a strong guard.6'02-Gets to the PaintOn-Ball DefenderPhysical
Holyfield, DemarcoRanger JC3 / 41-SophomoreMulti talented, tall and thin....he can shoot the 3 ball and block a shot out of nowhere! High potential. TR from Jarvis Christian College NAIA 9.9 PPG 3.7 REBS 36% from downtown last year as a FR.6'10-3 Point Shooter, Creative Finisher, SkilledFoot Speed, Shot-Blocker, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Developing Body, High Potential, Length, Versatile
Moundi, YaphetPanola JC5 / 41-/1SophomoreFA 2023 commit to High Point with his former Panola coach who is on staff there. He's strong and athletic and put up good numbers both his years in Carthage.6'07-Back-to-Basket Scorer, Developing Big, Effective in PnR, Interior Scorer, Lob Threat, Transition Scorer, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Alters Shots, Shot-BlockerAthletic, Rim-Runner, Second Jump
Wickware, DaCannonLee JC41-FreshmanStrong, tough forward, looks like a grown man!6'06-Creative Finisher, Finishes Through Contact, Interior Scorer, Mid-Range Scorer, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Physical, Tough
Gaston, CalebTemple JC42+/1-Freshmanstout, lefty, his dad played at Incarnate Word.6'06-Back-to-Basket Scorer, Developing Big, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Developing Body, Lefty, Versatile
Wiggins, WayneWeatherford JC12+Sophomorequick, fast pg.5'11-Facilitator, Floaters, Gets to the Paint, Streaky Scorer, Tight HandleFoot Speed, On-Ball Defender, Pressures Full Court, Stays in FrontAthletic, Quick, Vision, Wiry Frame
Lockhart, MasonMcLennan JC4 / 52+/1-Sophomorelong paint player, soft touch, good finisher, and he's getting in great shape physically.6'06-Developing Big, Interior Scorer, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Alters ShotsDeveloping Body, Good Hands, Length, Space Eating Big, Strong Build, Wide Body
Shogbonyo, NickMcLennan JC12+Sophomoretough, strong, pg, defends really well.6'00-Facilitator, Finishes Through Contact, Gets to the PaintCharge-Taker, On-Ball Defender, Pressures Full Court, Stays in Front, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Fast, Physical, Tough
Gob, GobHill JC1 / 21-/1Sophomorewiry frame, unselfish, tough and thin combo guard.6'02-3-Level Scorer, Creative Finisher, Facilitator, Gets to the PaintAwareness, On-Ball DefenderAthletic, Developing Body, Quick, Thin Frame, Tough, Versatile, Wiry Frame
Woodson, DariyusTyler JC41SophomoreReturns to TJC for his sophomore yr., the lefty forward can really score it!6'07-3 Point Shooter, 3-Level Scorer, Back-to-Basket Scorer, SkilledSwitchable DefenderGood Feet, Good Hands, Lefty
Maclin, BrandonOdessa JC3 / 21-SophomoreStrong off guard, plays tough and has legs like Emmitt Smith!6'03-3-Level Scorer, Interior Scorer, Slasher, Trash ScorerPressures Full Court, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Makes Winning Plays, Tough, Versatile
Zenon, JakobNorthlake JC2 / 32+/1-SophomoreGood set shooter from downtown! Plays under control.6'03-3 Point Shooter, Skilled, Streaky ScorerAwarenessCalm Under Pressure, Confident
Torber, LeoNew Mexico JC1 / 21-SophomoreGood pg. He's fast but not a great shooter. TR from San Jose State.6'02-Facilitator, Gets to the Paint, Slasher, Transition ScorerPressures Full CourtAthletic, High Energy
Benjamin, WilliamNew Mexico JC1 / 22+/1-RS FreshmanGood combo prospect. TR from NMSU in Las Cruces after a debacle of a season in 2022.5'11-3-Level ScorerFoot SpeedFast
Massey, AntwaunNew Mexico JC41-/1SophomoreActive 4 man and productive, he's really starting to blossom for the T-Birds!6'07-Back-to-Basket Scorer, Effective in PnR, Trash ScorerActive RebounderAthletic, Length
Cherry, JeremiahNew Mexico JC5 / 41-/1SophomoreHe's a bit slow but really long wing span. Fall 2023 commit to UNLV.6'09-Back-to-Basket Scorer, Creates Space, Developing BigAlters Shots, Shot-BlockerGood Hands, Space Eating Big
Harrison, RonnieNavarro JC41-FreshmanVery efficient forward, and he can stretch it out to the 3 pt. arc too.6'07-Creative Finisher, Interior ScorerDeflectionsAthletic
Cook, JarrenMidland JC2 / 31-/1RS SophomoreStrong as an ox, TR from Sam Houston St. and last season DNP at Tyler JC (broken leg).6'03-3 Point Shooter, 3-Level Scorer, Finishes Through Contact, ProductiveStays in FrontAthletic, Physical, Strong Build
Clarke, TreyMidland JC41-FreshmanLong, really effective 15' and in, blue collar, efficient interior hooper!6'05-Interior Scorer, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Anticipates, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Crafty, Instincts, Versatile
Woodley, Ta’QuanMidland JC5 / 41-/1SophomoreBig strong rebounder. TR from the South Carolina Gamecocks6'08-Finishes Through Contact, Interior Scorer, ProductiveActive RebounderGood Feet, Physical
Moreno, JorgeLee JC4 / 51-/1RS SophomoreHe's lost weight, in good shape, high motor, rebounds well. Good role player. Committed to UTEP fall of 2023.6'09-Interior ScorerActive Rebounder, Alters Shots, Charge-TakerDeveloping Body, Mobile
Hall, BrandonHoward JC2 / 31-RS SophomoreLong hair, long, decent shot, hooper!6'03-3-Level Scorer, Gets to the PaintSwitchable DefenderAthletic, Instincts, Versatile
Jumawan, LandynLee JC2 / 31-SophomoreShooter, fundamentally sound player with a motor.6'03-3 Point Shooter, ProductiveCharge-Taker, Help-DefenderTough
Madimba, JoeyHoward JC31-RS SophomoreGreat motor, he competes!6'04-3-Level Scorer, Productive, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Anticipates, Switchable DefenderGood Feet, High Energy
Lavergne, De’VionLee JC21-FreshmanHooper, scorer. Good athlete too.6'02-3 Point Shooter, Lob ThreatOn-Ball DefenderAthletic
Thompson, CamaraFrank Phillips JC41-SophomoreVery well rounded and athletic big man that can shoot it beyond the arc too!6'07-3 Point Shooter, Back-to-Basket Scorer, Lob Threat, Trash ScorerActive RebounderAthletic, High Energy
Phillips, BentravinLamar State – Port Arthur JC12+Sophomore21.4 ppg last season, gets to foul line often! 28 Pts vs #3 Odessa College in Nov. of 20235'09-3-Level Scorer, ProductiveStays in FrontCrafty, Quick
Reliford, DwayneEastfield JC42/2+SophomoreGood small college prospect as a 4 man.6'05-Interior ScorerActive RebounderAthletic
Williams, WillieKilgore JC4 / 32+/1-SophomoreSuch a heady player, grown man instincts. Love his unselfishness and winning prowess!6'04-Creates Space, Creative Finisher, Facilitator, FeelAnticipates, Awareness, Switchable DefenderCalm Under Pressure, Good Feet, Strong Build, Versatile, Vision
Reyes, DeimanClarendon JC52+/1-SophomoreBruiser of a 5 man, no skill. TR from LAMAR UNIVERSITY.6'09-Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Alters Shots, Shot-BlockerPhysical
Muttilib, JamilKilgore JC32+/1-SophomoreCan shoot it!6'05-3 Point ShooterSwitchable DefenderVersatile
Mckey, PeterKilgore JC2 / 32+/1-SophomoreTR from D2 UT Permian Basin6'02-ProductiveFoot Speed, On-Ball Defender, Pressures Full Court, Switchable DefenderAthletic, Quick, Thin Frame
Bouknight, JalenClarendon JC2 / 11-/1RS FreshmanCombo, slings it, scores it!6'01-3 Point ShooterFoot SpeedConfident
Destremau, MarshalClarendon JC4 / 51-/1RS FreshmanSolid 4/5, plays tough!6'08-Developing Big, Effective in PnR, Finishes Through Contact, Interior Scorer, Trash ScorerActive Rebounder, Anticipates, Charge-Taker, DeflectionsHigh Academic, Physical, Tough
Johnson, CortezClarendon JC41-/1SophomoreTR from UNC Greensboro, good 4 man, blue collar!6'07-Back-to-Basket Scorer, Finishes Through Contact, Trash ScorerActive RebounderInstincts
Morris, RandariusCedar Valley JC42/2+FreshmanUndersized post, that's efficient in the paint.6'04-Back-to-Basket ScorerSwitchable DefenderGood Hands